Did you know that you and I open nearly seven packages every day? All of these single-use food packages make up a large portion of our plastic waste. Much of this plastic is only used once, then thrown away and not recycled at all. Worldwide, billions of pounds of plastic waste end up in the sea every year.

But packaging is often very useful. Food lasts longer and gets less damaged during storage and transport. As a result, we need to throw away less food and buy less new food. The packaging material I develop has a very special characteristic. Not only is it biodegradable, it is even edible. It is made from seaweed. From it we can make an invisible layer around fruit, for example. This layer keeps fruit fresh longer. Without plastic. This is how we solve the plastic problem in the sea, with a solution from the sea.

HZ University of Applied Sciences

Empty food packaging makes up a large part of our plastic waste, but packaging is also very useful. That's why Tanja Moerdijk is developing packaging materials that are both degradable and edible.

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