All cars, windmills and walls have one thing in common. They all need to be coated to protect the material against wear and tear and sunlight. The coating industry is in an urgent need to change and lower the CO2 footprint. At end of the life, the coating will be burnt as waste, since recycling is very difficult. This results in more CO2 in the air because coatings are made from fossil resources. Therefore making a plant based coating is key. However, there is a problem, one important ingredient is missing to make a 100% plant based coating. It’s the chemical called aromatic. It is the aromatic that makes the coating glossy, scratch resistant and UV stable. For many year the coating industry could not solve this problem, until now. Our company Relement has been successful in the development of this one missing aromatic ingredient. We are the first company worldwide that can offer this aromatic made from plants. Our ingredient is slightly different from the fossil ingredient resulting in an even better coating. It improves the scratch resistance and stability. Relement will change the future of the coating industry so that we can make a big step forward in a more sustainable planet. All elements matter, that is our mission.


Many products have a protective coating. Monique Wekking and her colleagues at Relement develop environmentally friendly coatings made from plant-based material instead of fossil fuels.

This video was made in collaboration with Startup Stage of ChemistryNL

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