Image you’re sitting at your favorite café. Taking that first sip of coffee, it is so tasty that in five minutes you’re done. But do you know that from that coffee bean only 1% ends up in your cup, and that the remaining 99% is left in the filter? What a waste! Our story begins where your cup of coffee ends, my startup Caffe Inc. produces ecofriendly ingredients made from coffee waste. Currently, in the Netherlands around 150 thousand tons of coffee waste are produced every year. Which results in the loss of valuable resources and 5 million kilograms of CO2 emissions, contributing to climate change and an unsustainable world. Caffe Inc. believes that no resource should go to waste. This is why we have developed a 100% circular solution in which coffee waste is completely reused. We collect the waste, make materials and sell it to other companies. For the personal care industry we offer coffee oil, which nourishes and protects the skin. For the textile industry we offer the colorants, which can be used to dye beautiful sustainable garments. The rest is captured in construction materials. In this way we make sure that our clients can serve their conscious consumers the best products nature can offer. Because coffee is much more than a beverage. Are you ready to join the coffee revolution?

Caffe Inc.

Every day, many cups of coffee are made, which results in a great deal of coffee waste. Evaluna Márquez and her colleagues at Caffe Inc. are committed to recycling this waste and turning it into eco-friendly ingredients.

This video was made in collaboration with Startup Stage of ChemistryNL.

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