What do you think a smartphone, a portable blood test and a DNA sequencing machine have in common? The answer is parts of them have to be made at the microscale. For many years now, we are making things smaller and smaller. There are many new technologies becoming possible. You can have a portable medical test that can fit in your pocket so you can do the test at home. We have micro needle arrays that you can wear as a bandaid instead of using a syringe to deliver medicines. So all this is possible in theory in a lab, but often does not reach the market because it’s very expensive to produce. The reason is that the smaller you want to make something, the more expensive and complex tools you have to use. We at Photosynthetic want to change that by creating a new type of 3D printer. A special 3D printer that can create 3D structures at the microscale by using lights focused into millions of tiny beams that can turn liquid chemicals into solid polymers. Our know-how is the computer algorithm that controls the process. Thanks to that, we can create an instrument that is cheaper and much faster than existing instruments. So it can now be used for the mass production of goods. Our end goal here is to really see other technologies being created and brought to the market thanks to our instrument.


Production happens on an increasingly smaller scale. However, smaller often means more expensive. Photosynhtetic designed an algorithm for a 3D-printer that can produce materials on a microscale by firing microscopic beams of light at liquid chemicals turning them into solid polymers.

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