Around the world, we are working to reduce plastic use. From reusable water bottles, metal straws and a ban on disposable plastic. But there is one group of disposable plastic that escapes our sight... In the laboratory. Every year, an amount of plastic waste is discarded, with which you could cover an area like Utrecht under a blanket of 5 meter of plastic. A large part of this material consists of disposables. Objects like reactor tubes, micro test tubes and pipette tips.

Why can't we reuse it? Because it is extremely difficult to wash and get it clean enough to reuse it for research. But we, at Sustainables, can do this. In some cases, the disposables are even cleaner than straight from the factory. We clean the disposables and deliver them back to the researchers so they can continue with their vital work. In this way, we save the air, the climate and each other. Mountains of waste await us, begging to be saved from the incinerator. Together, we can move from discarding material to reuse and from disposables to Sustainables.


There’s a lot of plastic waste originating in the lab, which is hard to recycle because of the difficulty in removing the contamination. Sustainables succeeds in cleaning the plastic waste so you can start reusing it.

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