Imagine that you want to redecorate your house, you would probably know exactly what color you would like to paint a specific wall. However, when you go to the home depot, it will take a lot of time to look through all different paints with different purposes. You would rather ask an expert which paint would be suitable for the job at end.

Researchers in life science face similar problems. They want to modulate things in living cells and know exactly what they want to do. Nevertheless, it’s a challenge for them to find the desired tools. Chemists develop a wide variety of tools that they publish in their own chemistry language, while life scientists publish their results in their own biological or more medical language.

These language barriers impede the collaborations between chemistry and life science. Therefore, Synvenio aims to break down part of these barriers to create new opportunities. We have developed a platform to make chemical tools accessible for researchers that have limited chemical knowledge.

Researchers can find and buy the desired tool for the application with our illustrative navigation. This way the newest chemical tools will become available for the community. With this solution we hope to connect the research fields of chemistry and life science to spark new discoveries.

Luuk Maartense

Language barriers hinder collaboration between chemistry and life science. Synvenio is removing some of these barriers to create new opportunities. They developed a platform to make chemical methods accessible to researchers with limited chemical knowledge.

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