Flying is awesome, but it also contributes to climate change. One way to make planes more sustainable is by using less fuel. And we can do that by making them lighter. There is a perfect material for that. It’s called carbon fibre composite. Basically, it’s carbon atoms arranged in long threads, glued together and layered on top of each other. And that makes this material strong, yet lightweight. But what we need to know whether this material stays intact when in use. Current testing for damage takes a lot of time and money. At Eddytec we have developed a very efficient method to quickly assess if the material is still good, or needs repair. We do that by measuring the changes in the conductivity. If there’s a hidden crack, the material conductivity changes and our very sensitive sensor can pick this up. Whith that, we can make planes and even other vehicles strong, yet light weight, and more sustainable.

Eddytec / ChemistryNL

Aircraft can save fuel if we make them lighter. Carbon fibre composites are light and strong, but they need to be inspected regularly for damage. Eddytec has developed an efficient method to quickly assess the material.

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