Imagine you take your phone, but you drop it on the floor. The screen is broken, you need to repair it. Perhaps it also happend to you before. How great would it be if the screen could repair itself? Or, for example, if the screen could move, so you can feel the keyboard popping up under your fingers. I am a chemist and I explore strategies to bring materials to life. To achieve this, we need to control the structure of the moleucles inside the materials. The challenge there is to understand how molecules come together and interact. These interactions are reversible bonds, so that they can form, break and reform. This is the motion that we are trying to translate inside the material, so that we can make plastic that can repair itself, or that can move like it were alive.

Eindhoven University of Technology

How great would it be if a phone screen could repair itself? Ghislaine Vantomme explores strategies to bring materials to life, by studying interactions between molecules.

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