Have you ever wondered why plants are green? Plants need light to grow and being green does not really help the plant. Sunlight contains many colours of light and the plant reflecting that green light means a lot of energy is being wasted on the plant. Our planet needs more food, and we do not want to devote more land towards agriculture. What we need is to find a way to make the plant consume all of the sun’s energy, also that green light. This way our plants will be more nutritious and will provide us more food. We are developing a transparent layer that can convert the sunlight into the ideal spectrum for plants. It is a kind of flexible foil that can be used inside greenhouses and that can convert the sunlight for each plant. For example, more red light for bigger and more nutritious tomatoes. This way we can produce more healthy food with the same amount of land.

SolarFoil; Universiteit van Amsterdam

Our planet needs more food and we don't want to use more land for agriculture. So we need to find a way to ensure that a plant uses all the energy from sunlight. Arnon Lesage is developing a flexible film that can convert sunlight according to the specific needs of each plant.

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