Almost everything we use in our everyday lives, contains some type of plastics. From our clothes to our computer, to our kitchen tools or our bicycle. However, everyday we are throwing away the equivalent of the weight of 5,000 blue whales. Despite efforts, recycling remains a challenge. More than 70 percent of our plastics is either buried on landfills or lost in the environment. Therefore, in my research, I’m going to develop the plastic of the future. This plastic will be indefinitely recyclable and what’s more, it will be made from unwanted CO2 from industrial processes. This can only be done by developing new catalysts. A molecular machine that takes CO2 and other building blocks to make these long chains that constitute plastic. So, remember, we cannot live in a society without plastic. So we have to create these plastics that have a closed life cycle. Using my approach, we can develop new plastics that can have a closed life cycle and we can move towards a zero-waste plastic.

Utrecht University

More than 70% of our plastics end up in landfills or are lost to the environment. But we cannot do without plastics. That is why Arnaud Thevenon creates plastics with a closed life cycle.

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